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Mental Illness, Relationships, and How Love is Going to save Our World

“My father told me once, if you see something wrong with the world, you can either do nothing, or you can do something about it– and I already tried nothing.”

-Steve Trevor (“Wonder woman”)

Stephen Hawking’s Black Hole Information Paradox-

Stephen Hawking’s paradox. If I throw a book into a black hole does the information disappear? I give this a considerable amount of thought. It asks the question as to whether the non-tangible information still contains value, regardless of having any molecular structure at all?

Knowledge is power. I find strength in the power of knowing information. I find value in all information that I gather, and when I can gather and share said information is when I feel most at peace with myself, and when I assign myself value. There is untold amounts of wealth in SHARING knowledge as well. As a civilization, we have never been so connected in the way we are through technology now. I can access information from areas all around the world just by simple touches on a screen. I can Google Earth the great wall of China, and the Louvre in France and see clear images from my house in the U.S., and I can research pretty much any given subject for hours upon hours just by searching the internet.

I may be young, but I’m old enough to remember asking my mother what a word meant, and her response not being “Google it”, but it being look it up in a dictionary. We know so much more now than we realize and we have the power necessary to spread this knowledge better than any other time. I am taking personal responsibility in my contribution to the flow of said information, because there are many people who stand to gain from flooding this precious resource with negative, corrosive, and corrupt material. We are more aware of just how many negative implications can be made through the power of the internet, but it goes both ways. This same power, when put into careful hands, can create a cataclysm of abundance and positivity, and the same tool used to spread volatile hate speech can be used to spread love, and kindness. The social experiments in which a student holds a poster board up to see how far the message can get across the globe, prove that anyone’s posts can be seen from almost anywhere on the planet. That is power.

When I can watch a live feed just as tens of millions of other people are simultaneously from all over the globe, that speaks to the level of complexity we have built into our everyday lives.

The cool part about this interwoven connectivity is that it needs all of us to count for something! We are each an integrated part of it’s power. We each add our piece to this flavorful pie, and we need this diversity for there is no one without the other. Each voice is necessary to maintain this network, and I am going to be using mine to spew my version of love into the world, and my truths, because I have the responsibility to use my voice to speak about things that matter to me. One of those things being that YOUR VOICE MATTERS TOO.

Let’s celebrate our differences and rejoice in our similarities for we are all mere cogs in this machine.

Don’t be afraid to like whatever makes your little weird heart tick. Laugh at NOTHING, because who gets to decide what’s funny and what isn’t? Singing and laughter are both medicine to the soul. Sing and laugh as obnoxiously loud as you physically can, as often as you can because that is music to the universe. Smile at strangers because, in a world that has been coming to an end since it’s inception, we might as well enjoy the ride! Beauty, joy, and laughter can be found everywhere in life. Zoom in on those things, because when everything of physical substance is gone, that is what we will have left. Focus on what adds peace to your life and forget the rest.

~As Always~ I just want to see every one succeed in life, so if you’re reading this, I am rooting for you!

“Failure is success in progress.”

-Albert Einstein

Love doesn’t always manifest in the appreciation of expensive gifts, but rather the thankfulness found in simpler things. Like my daughter exclaiming I am the best mother in the entire universe, because of a bowl of Kraft macaroni and cheese that I had made her. This form of gratitude holds more value than being excited over a fancy phone, or IPad/tablet. Finding gratitude in little things is what truly sparks and plants the seed of gratefulness in one’s mind. When we express gratitude it puts us in a frequency of abundance, because whenever we are in a feeling of thankfulness for what we already have, it sets an overall feeling of happiness, and wholeness.

“Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them”.

-Albert Einstein
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